The Tail of Mr Murphy and the Black Hole

Once upon a time there was a dog called Mr Murphy.

He had a red ball which he loved very much.

He always took it with him when he went for a walk.












One day when he was out walking in the Enchanted Forest he saw a strange hole in the ground









He wondered what it could be so he stopped to have a good look…..and a good sniff.

But that did not tell him what it was……………..and then he wondered………….what might happen if he dropped his red ball into it………….so he did.







But then he could not see his ball any more. So he tried to find where it had gone. He pushed his nose in, then his head, then his body……but he could not reach it at all.         Mr Murphy wondered if it had gone into one of those black holes that they talk about on science programmes, which made him sad because he thought maybe he would never see it again.










Meanwhile Mrs Rabbit had just put the babies to bed and was having a nice cup of tea, when a huge red ball came rattling down her hallway and burst into her nice tidy sitting room.

Oh my goodness what can that be? she said nervously.









Meanwhile Mr Murphy was feeling glum. He had run out of ideas about how to get his ball back and it was beginning to get dark









Mrs Rabbit  did not want a big red ball in her sitting room and decided to push it back up the hall and out of the front door. The trouble was that her hall was uphill and quite steep.  Her babies had all woken up and come to see what was happening. They all got one behind the other and pushed and pushed and pushed. It was very hard work.









Mr Murphy heard a funny sound coming from the black hole. A scratching puffing and panting sort of sound. Then, all of a sudden the ball popped right out of it and rolled over to him.

He was ever so happy. He picked it up and ran all the way home



But Mr Murphy had made an important discovery. Things can come back from inside black holes…..but only if all the rabbits push.






The End