Mr Murphy and the Stream

One fine day Mr Murphy was walking in the Enchanted Forest with his red ball. He was thinking about nothing in particular when he thought he heard a sound. It was a tinkling giggling splashing sort of sound. He stopped to listen more carefully. Then he heard “Hello Mr Murphy” Well, Murphy was so astonished that he dropped his ball. “Would you like to come and play?” asked the tinkly voice. Mr Murphy picked up his ball and went to look for the voice.

He walked through the long green grass and then he saw it…….a little stream. The water was tinkling, gurgling and giggling as it splashed over stones. This made Mr Murphy very happy…..a new friend who wanted to play.

He walked right to the edge of the stream and stared. The stream seemed to be having so much fun, but he didn’t know how to join in the game. “Drop the ball in”, tinkled the stream

Mr Murphy opened his mouth, and his ball rolled right down the grassy bank and into the water.

The stream giggled and splashed as the ball bobbed and rushed off with the current. Murphy was shocked. The stream had run off with his ball. He didn’t think that was fair at all. He tried ever so hard to reach it, but he couldn’t.

He watched as his ball bobbed away with the stream, which was still giggling.

He sat down to think. His brain always worked better when he was sitting down. But he began to feel a bit sad. Then the stream called out to him…..”aren’t you coming to play Murphy? You have to get your feet wet to join in.” Murphy hadn’t considered that, but it did seem quite a brave sort of idea. He remembered that he was a brave boy and cautiously paddled into the water. All of a sudden the water felt tickley and lovely and he could reach his ball easily. He felt ever so proud! AND he had found a new friend and a new game. “I’m going home for tea”, he told the stream….”but I will certainly be back to play again”

And he ran all the way home to tell his friends about his BIG ADVENTURE.