Chapter 3


Teffi was so happy to wake up in such a lovely bed all warm and cosy. But then he remembered that his Boy was not there, and a dark shadow slid over his cosy happy feeling. He felt a kind hand stroke his head and gently wipe away the tear that had started to well up in his eye.  “It’s going to be alright little bear”, she said softly.  But she did not explain how it was going to be all right.  Teddy became aware of a heavy and sort of broken feeling in his chest.  He wondered if some of his stuffing might be coming out.  He knew that he had a few holes in his fur as well as only one eye.  It had not seemed to matter before, but now he wondered.   His life had changed so much so suddenly that he felt scared to get out of bed in case it changed any more.  Grandpa Teddy Bear touched him with an old, but very reassuring paw and looked at him with a look that made him think that maybe Grandpa Teddy Bear understood  exactly how he was feeling.  The uncomfortable feeling in his chest got a little bit better.

Just at that moment, the cups and saucers and plates in the kitchen started to clatter and jingle. “Time to get up”, said the old lady. It sounds like breakfast is waiting for us. At the word “breakfast”,  several more teddy bears appeared from under the blankets and everybody rushed and tumbled downstairs.

On the table was a big plate piled high with biscuits and a big jug of lemonade. A big heart shaped pink biscuit with sparkly icing jumped off the plate and flew straight into Teddy’s paw and the jug of lemonade poured itself into a tall glass for him. “This is certainly not like breakfast at home”, he thought.  He started to nibble his biscuit but  he noticed that his arm seemed to be a bit loose, and it was hard to hold the biscuit.  “Don’t worry Teddy”, said the Old Lady.  “After breakfast we’ll do some mending”.  So Teddy ate his sparkly biscuit and felt a lot more cheerful.

Just as Teddy was finishing his last drop of lemonade and licking the bubbles off his nose there was a loud tapping sound at the cottage window.  The Old Lady got up from the table and opened the window and in flew a great big magpie.  “Perfect timing” , said the Old Lady.  Something was shining and glittering in Magpie’s beak. Then with a clatter, he dropped it onto the table. Teddy stared. He had once seen something that glittered like that on a ring on a lady’s hand. But this was bigger and brighter and it seemed to flash the purest brightest light.

“That is just the job “ said the Old Lady, picking it up carefully and inspecting it.  Magpie preened and tutted in satisfaction.  Then he went to see if there were any biscuits left and picked a big blue sparkly one off the plate.  He took it to the window ledge and started to break it into sparkly crumbs and eat them.

Teddy wondered what such a magical thing could be just the job for.  The Old Lady showed him the glittering diamond.  This, Teddy, is your new eye.

Teddy almost dropped his glass in astonishment. He looked at the diamond and he looked at the Old Lady who smiled.  He was just about to ask “how?” when with one quick movement she popped the diamond into the place where his eye used to be.  He blinked….the world suddenly seemed to have so many colours and reach so far.  “It is a special eye Teddy” , she said. You have earned it by being such a brave bear. He gulped and found tears were wetting his face, but even the tears seemed to sparkle.  This eye will let you see all sorts of things……you will be able to see through things and round things and into people’s hearts if you need to.  Oh, and it looks pretty special too.  Magpie had been watching all this and puffed himself up with pleasure. I won’t ask where it came …..said the Old Lady.  “Oh just an old thing I happened to have in my nest” , replied Magpie. I thought it might fit. And with that he was off in a flurry of feathers and biscuit crumbs before anyone could ask any more questions.  The Old Lady smiled knowingly.  Well Teddy, she said, I think we should all go for a little walk in the forest now so that you can get used to your new eye.”  “ Please clear up now dishes” she said and the dishes all jumped off the table and giggled and tumbled over one another in their rush to the sink where they jumped into the bowl of soapy water.  The teddies and the Old Lady opened the front door and stepped outside.